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“The training opens up so many doors to efficiencies improvements, in particular when it comes down to organizing and time management.”

"The capacity of Office 365 and diverse application possibilities are tremendous. Despite its many faceted options, Gilles broke it down to clear understandability and relevance.” 

“A great way to really understand what the tools are capable of and how they can assist us in making great gains in how we manage our work and projects.”

"I'm not sure if there is a longer / more comprehensive version, but wow! The two day format was great, because it got me applying all the concepts. If you struggle with time management & personal organization, this training is a total game changer."

"The answers may be out there... but Gilles brings us what we need to know and makes the training as efficient as possible. The training really reveals not just what to do, but what is possible."This is the best software training that I have ever participated in."

"I had no idea of the power of OneNote. I am using it for all of my meetings. This is helping me immensely.  I can see it as an awesome tool for the sales force in organizing sales calls as well as followup. It has great possibilities in sharing of data etc."

"I came away with things I could implement right away. I learned many valuable tips and tricks that will save me time and help me be more effective."

"VERY valuable. I think this will save me so much time and ensure I don't miss deadlines or important emails."

"A very, very practical course! My inbox is going to be organized and current for the first time ever!" 

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